About Us

Sometimes the box office just can’t help because the event is sold out or there are no good tickets left. That’s where RJB comes in, gaining you access to those nearly impossible to get event tickets!

Attending a live sporting event, concert, or theatre production, creates an indelible impression on the participant, especially if they have great seats! Premium event tickets, executive suites and other unique event related requests, are the specialty here at RJB Promotions. While we tend to focus on more discerning tastes, our 30+ years of experience translates into an extensive network of contacts, which gives us access to nearly any ticket, any place, at any time.

So… whether you’re looking to reward employees, stakeholders, or key clients (or just yourself); if your goal is to deal with a business that carries such values as; integrity, honesty, and fairness, while providing premium customer service, then RJB is just the ticket you need!