Captivating moments at the theatre are only possible with really great seats. Our access to premium “house seats” takes your theatre experience to the next level.

Being captivated during a great theatre performance allows one to transcend the surly bonds of earth, in what is oft referred to as the “willful suspension of disbelief”. Basically, people can allow themselves to believe that what they are viewing and experiencing is actually real, and thus they escape to a different time, place or situation. This type of unforgettable experience is only possible with good seats – and great theatre tickets are our specialty.

In fact, for many theatre performances, you can get tickets from the theatre box office right up to the time of the show. However, often these tickets are not suitable for the more discerning patron, and hence we have developed our niche in theatre tickets, which is accessing premium seats.

Toronto is known for having one of the best theatre scenes on the continent, and has a diverse array of venues within the downtown core. From the Hummingbird Centre, nestled right downtown between Front Street and the Esplanade, to the history of the Princess of Wales or Royal Alexandra Theatres; both in operation in Toronto’s theatre district since the early 1900’s, or from the Canon Theatre of the 1920’s to the newly opened Panasonic Theatre (opened on the site of the former New Yorker), RJB Promotions has great access to great Toronto Theatre tickets.

However, our network of contacts, which we’ve been cultivating for 30 years, means we can source theatre tickets not only here in Toronto, but beyond… in virtually any North American city.

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    Lee K. -
    Operations Mgr., (sports travel industry); Winnipeg, MB.

    , Manager